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Shenzhen ETR Standard Technology Co., Ltd. (ETR) is an independent third party organization specializing in product testing and certification consulting services, and its headquarters is located in Xixiang, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The company is completely managed according to the quality standard of the national laboratory quality standard ISO/IEC 17025, and has the authorization of the United States UL, FCC, British ITS and German TUV. Mainly for Chinese and worldwide manufacturers and companies to provide efficient, accurate, high quality one-stop authentication and testing services, to improve the management level and product quality of customers, to open up a broad market development space for enterprises and to increase their market competitiveness.
Shenzhen Yitong Standard Technology Co., Ltd. (ETR), founded in 2003, is a national level inspection agency with third parties' fair status. It is the earliest national inspection agency for full performance testing of electronic information products. It is the only national digital television product testing laboratory in China. It is the first batch of CB laboratories in China and the first batch of CC. C certification laboratory.
The company has a first-class international testing equipment, with a number of masters, doctorates, professors, industry experts, the State Council special technical team, participating in the more than 40 technical organizations at home and abroad, drafted more than 100 national standards, published hundreds of technical papers and monographs, and obtained a number of national and ministerial technical achievements.
The company is committed to providing self product development and design, selection of components and materials, quality control of production process, calibration of instrument and equipment, standard setting of enterprise, market admittance inspection at home and abroad, market quality supervision and Arbitration for the production enterprises of digital audio and video products, information technology equipment, lighting appliances and small household appliances. After sale service, waste products recycling and so on, covering the whole product life cycle of omnidirectional technical services. In the inspection service, it provides CCC certification, production license, radio and television equipment and equipment network identification, energy efficiency certification and energy efficiency identification, green environmental protection and RoHS certification, home appliances to home products and other inspection services. It covers the fields of product safety, electromagnetic compatibility, whole machine performance, acoustic performance, environmental reliability test and so on. Undertake the quality supervision and spot check, quality appraisal and arbitration work and product certification factory inspection commissioned by the state and local governments.

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  • Tel: 0755-8525 9392
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