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CE mark 

What is the CE certification?

"CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and enter the European market passport. Those who posted "CE" mark products can be members of domestic sales in the EU, are not required to meet the requirements of each member, in order to achieve a free flow of goods in the EU member states within.

A mandatory certification mark "CE" mark in the EU market, the EU internal production of products or the products of other countries, in order to circulate freely in the EU market, must affix the "CE" mark, to indicate that the product comply with the basic requirements of EU "technical coordination and standardization of new methods" instruction. This is a mandatory requirement of EU law on the products.

CE certification apply to which products?

European Community Directive No. (with amending Directive #)

Simple pressure vessels
87/404/EEC, # 90/488/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Toy Safety
88/378/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Construction products
89/106/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

EMC products
89/336/EEC, # 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC

89/332/EEC, # 91/368/EEC 93/44/EEC, # 93/68/EEC
Instruction new number 98/37/EC

Personal protective equipment
89/686/EEC, # 93/68/EEC, 93/95/EEC

Non-automatic weighing instruments
90/384/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Active implantable medical devices
90/385/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Combustion gas fuel devices
90/396/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Telecommunications Terminal Equipment
91/263/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Hot water boiler appliances
92/42/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Explosives for civil

Medical devices

Low-voltage electrical products
73/23/EEC, # 93/68/EEC

Use of equipment and protective systems in explosive environment

Telecommunications satellite earth station

Multiplied by a man with a lift

Playground equipment

Pressure device

Dangerous goods in road transport
94/55/EC, 96/86/EC

Testing of medical devices

CE certification need to prepare the relevant technical information

1, the product manual.

2, security design documents (including key structural diagram, that is able to reflect the design of the climb Shen distance, gap, insulating layers and thickness).

3 conditions (or enterprise standard).

4 electrical schematic.

5, the product line in Fig.

6, a key component parts or raw materials inventory (products) use a European certification mark.

7, machine or component parts of a copy of the certification.

8, and other necessary information.

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