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CCC Authentication advantage

  1. Rich and mature technology, our company is equipped with professional CCC certified merchandiser; testing and Inspection Assistant Engineer.
  2. Fast follow up process, grasp all links, to ensure that customers quickly and smoothly get the certificate, there is basically no sticking phenomenon in the middle.
  3. Strong sense of service, case follow-up will not be too concerned about the progress of the case, if there is a situation, will promptly inform the customer problems and deal with the views.
  4. Equipped with sophisticated testing equipment and experienced corrective engineers to ensure smooth inspection of products.
  5. ETR test subordinate (Tirt, CVC lab, SQI ) business point. The test can be directly completed by our company in Guangdong and the CCC inspection report of the above three organizations is issued. The test fee is strictly charged according to CQC standard.
  6. All testing items are strictly in accordance with laboratory standards.
  7. Laboratory fees, certification of China Quality Certification Center, the best service in the industry. The charge is clear and clear.


  • From the application of CCC certification to the tracking guidance of the whole process, only the relevant information can be provided before the inspection.
  • Sample prediction, pre test and rectify the samples before the formal sample delivery test to ensure the one-time pass of the sample delivery test.
  • Factory inspection, to assist customers in data production and collation before the formal inspection, requires customers to cooperate with each other to ensure that the official inspection is approved by the appointed auditor.
  • Verification of certification data and assistance in production. (from application - sample test - Factory review - until taking license).


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