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Buy a toy to see the "CCC" sign 

人气:Addtime:2018-07-05 12:42
Children's Day is coming, and children's toy sales are coming to a peak. Shi Shi Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that when buying toys for children's health and legitimate rights, they must purchase toys labeled "CCC".
As early as June 1, 2007, the original state quality inspection bureau and the state supervision and Control Commission issued relevant documents, and 6 kinds of toy products, such as children's cars, ejection toys, doll toys, plastic toys and metal toys, must be added "CCC" certification marks to be listed and sold. However, some consumers think that "CCC" is dispensable, and they do not recognize their interests, thus condoning merchants and bringing danger back home.
The city's Quality Supervision Bureau reminds parents that when buying children's toys, don't try to be cheap, regardless of children's health. Be sure to see if there is a "CCC" sign; to see if the label is marked, the name of the manufacturer, the site, the telephone, the main material or composition, the age, the safety warning, and the product certificate, and the use and description of the toy, the assembly program and the quality of the toy.

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